I do not like to use auto-generated privacy policy, so let’s keep things simple:

What data we will store in our database

When you place an order here, we have to collect some of your personal data to ship our products to you such as: Name, address, email, zip code, phone number, IP address…

How long your personal data stay here

We will periodically do the house-keeping in our database, all users/accounts/ will be completely deleted after 30 days once you received your products. Therefore, even my website got hacked, there will be not many things to show within 30 days.

How long your email discussions stay in our mail server

We regularly clean up mailbox as well, emails which are older than 60 days will be cleaned to save space.

Do we track your activities when you visit our website?

We could say Yes because we have to embed some third party advertising platforms like Facebook/Google/Twitter/… in our website source code to optimize the shopping experience.


You can use Private mode of your browsers to avoid your cookies being stored.

Who we share your data with

We will need to share your data to factories and warehouses, who will produce then ship the products to you.

Any questions?

Feel free to send email to support@grinily if you have any questions or requests.

We’re happy to help!

Last changed: 30-June-2023